Construction Project Management is one of the key professional services that we offer in our construction department. We utilize specialized, project management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of your project, from its beginning to its end. Our team of experts control the project's time, cost and quality, and they are completely compatible with all project delivery systems,including design-bid-build, design-build, CM At-Risk and Public Private Partnerships. Our Engineering professionals deal with the estimating, bidding, structural design, structural steel fabrication, civil infrastructures analysis and design, sewer and sanitary systems, and surveying and mapping. Dealing with the practical aspects of projects is the number one responsibility of the construction management at Beton. Our engineers are problem solvers. They contribute to the creation of structures, infrastructures, and various engineering systems that best meet the unique demands of their environment.


Construction Cost Estimating

Our estimating and bidding experts provide the approximation of the cost of your project with detailed takeoffs, precise contingency, and based on your area’s labor and material cost. Our estimating and bidding service avoid the cost overrun problem with credible, reliable, and accurate cost estimate. Estimating team at Beton take advantage of our superintendents’ and Project Managers’ knowledge to  help you bid more jobs, and get more projects. Our accurate numbers guarantee your Successful bidding. The quantity take off could take hours of your time, that you could spend for supervising or training your team. Let us take care of the estimating and save your valuable time. Our professional estimators could have your complete estimating package within 1 to 3 business days, and emergency bids could be submitted upon your request.



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