We are proud of our team, and what each and everyone of them bring to the table. With decades of combined experience in the construction industry, we stand by our commitments to clients by pursuing excellence in workmanship, and value in our delivery. Below is the list of some of our team members (in alphabetical order) and their expertise:

Alan Almai

Interior Designer, Architectural Mill-work Design & Fabrication

Shaya Attaei

Graphic Designer, Sign Production & Installation

Kamran Barbod

Structural Engineer, Metal Structure Fabrication & Installation

Masoud Poshtiban

Engineering & Design, Construction Project Management

Mani Salahshoor

Business Development, Contract Administration, Project Management

Vida Tabrizi

Architect, Civil & Urban Design

Tony Vargas

Plumbing, Underground utility

Ramos Wberrios

Electrical, Mechanical (HVAC)

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